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Project Supervision & Management

The experience and know-how to supervise and manage your construction and renovation project.

Stillman Management has the breadth of services, experience, and know-how to supervise and manage your construction and renovation projects and apartment maintenance services from beginning to end. Our team of principles, property managers, account executives and administrators works together to oversee your project and communicate proactively with you in a way that creates a positive atmosphere and superior results.

Project Planning: Interviews prospective contractors, obtains bids, reviews submitted plans and specifications, and provides advice and suggestions to our clients

Financial Guidance: Provides expert financial advice on paying for, and, when necessary, financing the project

Construction Oversight: Reviews work performance and change orders, and, if authorized, accepts those change orders for payment

Communications with Owners and Residents: Provides information to owners and residents on the progress of projects and on aspects of the project that may cause temporary disruption

Security: Reviews building areas on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are secure over the duration of the project and takes necessary action to bring any concerns to the attention of the building personnel

Work Integrity: Ensures that all work is performed in accordance with plans and specifications to minimize costly mistakes

Cost Control: Serves as construction supervisor and manager to assist in keeping projects on budget and preventing cost overruns

Day-to-Day Involvement: Stays involved at the top management level in order to quickly and effectively solve problems