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What does a property management company do?

Property management can include financial management, administration management, and physical management. Stillman Property Management can also provide additional services that can be included in your management agreement or utilized on an as-needed basis. Please see our Financial Services page for further details.

Why do I need a property management company?

Managing a co-op, condominium, or commercial building is a full-time job and effectively and knowledgeably managing a cooperative corporation or condominium association and caring for common space requires a lot of time and expertise. Hiring a property manager helps ease the burden of a board’s or owner’s workload. A condominium management company or co-op building management company also can help you avoid costly legal liability. Staying on top of changes in the law and following accepted accounting procedures is the job of a professional property management company.

We’re small with a limited budget, can we afford a property management company?

Absolutely! Stillman Management offers condominium management, co-op management, and commercial building management services to meet your needs and your budget. Talk to us about our financial and corporate services. Sound financial management is critically important, and mistakes can be costly. Let our professional team create a financial system that will work for you.

We have a management company, but we’re unhappy and want to hire someone else. Can you help us?

Of, course! Management transitions can create uncertainty. The decision to change property management companies is an important step forward for the success of your property. Stillman Property Management will do everything in our power to make the all-important management transition as smooth and as trouble-free as possible. Contact us today for more information!

What happens if we have an emergency in the evening or on the weekends? Do you have an emergency answering service?

For building related emergencies, we have a 24-hour emergency service. For health and fire emergencies, your first call should be to 911.